Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1913 Postcard of the Scottish Old People's Home

I recently purchased a post card on e-bay for $11.50.  It is a picture of the "Scottish Old People's Home - Riverside, Illinois, GW."  Not sure what the initials mean. It has a one cent stamp and was postmarked in Riverside on Dec. 29, 2 PM, 1913.  There is a second postmark in Chicago, Dec. 30, 4:30 AM, 1913.

It is obviously a note from a resident of the Scottish Home to a Mrs. M.P. Crane, 2102 Harrison St, Evanston, Ill.  The note says:  "Was so glad to see your handwriting. I have been laid up for 2 months with a broken hand - right one too,  Mrs. H. D. has been here for a while - gone west now - Hope some day to see you - Had a hard Summer & Fall.  Lots of sickness among old folks.  We must meet down town some day. - em (?) code (?)"

The last word is difficult to read.  It may not be "code" but something else.
"Mrs. H. D. has been here for a while - gone west now."  "Gone West" was once an expression for someone who had died. 

It is a very nice picture of the Scottish Home as it originally looked before it burned and was rebuilt in 1918.

I will have the postcard on  display for the History Club meeting this coming Saturday, January 8, 2011.

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