Monday, January 24, 2011

Senator James Webb Producing a TV Series About the Scots-Irish and How they Shaped America.

I have just read in a Scottish newspaper that Senator Jim Webb of Virginia is producing a two-part series on how the Scots-Irish shaped America.  The date, in Scotland at least, is to be February 1, 2011.  If anyone sees more information about a TV showing in the Chicago area, I would appreciate the information.

Jim Webb wrote a book that many of us have read called Born Fighting, How the Scots-Irish Shaped America.  I have read the book twice.  It is a fascinating story of his family and their participation in the Civil War.  He gives an interesting and perhaps valid reason why so many Scots fought and died for the Confederate cause, since most of them never owned slaves.  They were mostly poor mountain people.

Several years ago, Jim Webb spoke at a meeting in Chicago and I had a rather extended conversation with him.  Not sure he made many friends in Chicago, especially with his comments about the Confederate flag.  He believes that southern people have a right to fly the flag since it was a "battle" flag and not a "political" flag.  At the time there was a court battle about flying the flag over a state capital.  I don't remember the state at the moment.  No one applauded his comments.

Senator Webb narrowly won his seat from George Allen who announced today that he will run against Webb in 2012.  Webb was supposed to be a "Blue Dog Democrat" but I am not sure his voting record will support that.  It will be an interesting election.

If you don't know Senator Webb's life story there is much information on the Internet.  He is an outstanding individual.

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