Monday, December 27, 2010

Extract Entry of Birth

James has left a new comment on your post "I have an "Extract Entry of Birth""

I responded to your post, but it never appeared on the blog, so I'm trying again. I found a birth certificate with the following information: Jean Martin - born April 11, 1893. "Extract Entry of Birth, under the 37th Sect of 17 and 18 Vict. Cap. 80" Also "Extracted from the Register Book of Births from the Parish of Re??fr??" It could be Rushen, but it looked more like Reilfren.... Also there is a listing "Baptised in Patrick Parish Church May 14, 1893." Connecting all the dots it looked like this all occurred in the Isle of Man, but I could find no reference to any "Martins" on any of the registries I explored. Again, I appreciate any insights you might provide....

P.S. To answer your question (which I did in my initial response back on the 24th), I grew up in Buffalo, New York, where my grandmother and grandfather (Ernest W. Olliver) moved in 1915 or thereabouts, but I now live in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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