Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sir Walter Scott's Coachman Dies in Jacksonville, IL. - 1889

I have continued scanning newspapers for local information published about Sir Walter Scott.  I thought it was interesting that his coachman died in Illinois.  The date of the article is August 21, 1889 and is in the Chicago Daily Tribune.

"An old servant of the Wizard of the North Expires at Jacksonville, ILL"

His name was Alexander Cunningham and he died at his home in Jacksonville.  He was 82.  Born in Scotland and was the "coachman of Sir Walter Scott for some months."  He remembered the "dogs the poet loved so well."  He also remembered other peculiarities of the poet, but these are not mentioned.  At the time of Sir Walter's failure (financial, I think)  all the servants were discharged.  At that time, Mr. Cunningham moved to America and settled in Ohio. 

He later moved to Illinois and settled in Jacksonville.  He leaves a family of three sons and two daughters.

Wouldn't it be interesting if descendants still lived in Illinois?  Place of burial is not given.

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