Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Happened to the President's Pin? 1909

The John O'Groat's Caithness Association of Chicago, composed of natives of Caithness, Scotland, has just been presented with a handsome silver and gold medal by James Dunnett, the first president, now a resident of Edinburgh. The design is Scottish, thistles being a principal decoration.  Between the medallion and the pin is a Sinclair tartan ribbon, with a cluster of three thistles just below.  In the center of the medallion is a coat of arms in gold, showing a rooster perched on a branch.  The motto, "Commit Thy Work to God," surrounds the bird.

On the reverse side appears the following inscription:  "Presented by James Dunnett, first president of the association, to be worn by the president elect while in office.  Edinburgh, May 17, 1909."

(The article appeared in the Chicago Daily Tribune, July 28, 1909.  The Cathness Association of Chicago was once vibrant and active.  It is unclear when it ceased to function or what happened to all its records and especially the beautiful pin.  Some day it may show up on E-bay!)

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