Friday, January 1, 2010

My First Blog

Today is January 1, 2110, and I begin my first blog.  My daughter Elaine and I have accumulated a lot of information about Scottish people, places and things.  We need a place to publish and perhaps this blog will meet that need.  One purpose is to help people find their lost family members and reconnect to their past.  For instance, we often visit cemeteries and find Scottish names of people long ago dead.  Does anyone ever look for them?  In Forest Home cemetery, along the Des Plaines river is a lady who died 100 years ago. When the river overflows her grave is covered with water.   Her marker says simply  "Born in Scotland." A search of local newspapers did not show an obituary.  I stopped at the cemetery office hoping for more information, but there was none.  The next step was to obtain a death certificate.  The death certificate told me that Mary Scott died May 12, 1899.  She was 55 years old, died of a heart conditions and was a housewife.   She lived at 259 Harrison, Chicago, IL.  No one appears to ever visit her grave, no one leaves flowers.  I stop from time to time and visit.  Like so many others, she was proud to have been born in Scotland.  So, for this first blog, I will give honor to those many nameless Scots who came to America and made it great nation.

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