Saturday, January 2, 2010

Andrew MacLeish and Family

The next Newsletter will feature Andrew MacLeish and his family.  He fathered a total of 7 children with 3 wives.  He followed Lillias Young to America when she moved to Chicago with her family.  They had two children before she died.  His next marriage was to  Louise Little and one son was born named Bruce.  His last marriage, 1888,  was to Martha Hilliard and they had 4 children.  So far, information about the first 2 wives has been difficult to find.  Martha Hilliard was prominent in her own field of education before she became Mrs. MacLeish.  All of their children have been easy to trace except for Ishbel Marjoribanks who became Mrs. Alexander Sloan Campbell. Ishbel is the correct spelling according to her passport.  The most fascinating is Kenneth who died in WW I.  He was one of the first naval aviators and died 3 weeks before the war ended.  He wrote 200 letters to his intended bride, Priscilla Murdock of Brooklyn, New York.  These are now in a book:  "The Price of Honor, The World War One Letters of Naval Aviator Kenneth MacLeish."  I bought the book on e-bay and read it Christmas day.  Andrew MacLeish died at the age of 90, 14 January, 1928.  He is buried in Graceland cemetery.  Mr. MacLeish was born in Glasgow, Scotland

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  1. This is being published again for a family member who is presently living in France.