Friday, January 22, 2010

Mrs. Mary Fergus - Obituary

Mrs. Mary Electa Fergus, a resident of Chicago since civil war days died yesterday in the home of her son, Robert C. Fergus, 10 West Elm Street.

Mrs. Fergus was the widow of George Harris Fergus, who was the son of Robert Fergus, and early Chicago publisher who printed the first Chicago city directory in 1839.  She was 92 years old.  

Mrs. Fergus who had entertained friends and relatives with her ballads for years, appeared as vocal soloist last year at the luncheon which preceded the Chicagoland Music Festival.  She was the mother of Robert C. and Hoarace G. Fergus, Mrs. Jean Clifford, Mrs. Beatrice Bartsch, and Mrs. Phyllis Fergus Hoyt.

This obituary was published in the Chicago Daily Tribune in September 1, 1940.  Funeral arrangements and place of burial were not included.

Descendants who read this on the Internet are encouraged to contact Wayne Rethford (630-629-4516) and the Scottish American History Club.

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