Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Many Visited The History Club Web Site in January? Google Analytics Provides the Answer.

Google Analytics follows two sites for the Scottish American History Club. One is the web site at and the other is my blog at They collect data by the day, the week and the year.

During the month of January, 2011, 850 people visited the web site from 36 countries/territories. From the U.S. came 627 visits, the United Kingdom contributed 90 visits, Canada 53 and Australia 19 visits. Eight people visited from Russia and four from China. London showed 23 visitors with 9 from Glasgow and 7 from Edinburgh. The most popular area viewed was the name lists with 325 visitors. The second most popular was Philip D. Amour in the name list.

The blog had 253 visits in January from 19 countries/territories. Most came from the U.S. (174) followed by the United Kingdom (53). Two visitors came from France, two from Peru, two from Brazil and one from Estonia.

The most visitors read the blog about the statues of Robert Burns and the most active day was January 25. Again 16 people read the blog about Philip D. Amour, Jr. and his marriage to Mary E. Lester. It was posted on January 9, 2010. Not sure what spurred this interest in Philip Amour.

We appreciate all the visitors and their comments.

Wayne Rethford, President
Scottish American History Club
Arts & Culture Division
Illinois St. Andrew’s Society

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