Monday, August 2, 2010

An old passbook from the Northern Trust in Chicago, IL.

Some of our older readers will remember when you had a passbook for the bank.  It was presented each time you made a deposit or a withdrawal.  In an old storage box at the Scottish Home, I found one that belonged to Mrs. Mary W. Gibb.  It was from the Northern Trust Company located at the north-west corner of LaSalle and Monro Streets in Chicago, IL.  Her number was 404136. and the balance on March 2, 1930 was $436.13.  There are 5 pages and most of the withdrawals are for $25.00 made every two weeks.  Most of the deposits are small but on May 24, 1933, there is one for $1,102.10.  The account was closed on August 22, 1935.  I assume Mrs. Gibb was a resident of the Scottish Home but she is not in the name list on our web site.

There is a reference to a Mrs. Mary Gibb in the Chicago Daily Tribune, dated January 19, 1936, which fits the time frame.  John Nevins, who was a railroad engineer, had died and his obituary was published in the paper. He was survived by a son, Harry G. Nevins, 1532 Lake Ave., Wilmette, IL. and three sisters one of whom was named Mrs. Mary Gibb. Same lady?  Don't know.

I wonder if anyone is looking for a Mrs. Mary W. Gibb?  This little blog will put her name on the Internet just in case.

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