Monday, August 9, 2010

The Society Owes Property Tax in New York City, 1935

I recently found a tax bill issued to the Illinois Saint Andrew Society from the City of New York, Department of Finance, Bureau of City collections, Borough Hall, St. George, Staten Island.  The location was described as Ward 4, Volume 8, Block 3560, lot no. 52.

The property tax was for the year 1935 and the amount due was $16.80.

The Society was in arrears as of December 31, 1934.

No records have been found to indicate how the Society might have obtained the property, but I would venture a guess that it was a gift, perhaps through an estate.  It would be interesting to know the exact location of the property and what is there now.  I doubt that the tax is still the same.

1935 was in the midst of the Great Depression so the property may have been lost because the taxes were not paid.  If so, I doubt it was from a lack of funds, because the Society actually did quite well during the depression.

Perhaps, someone will read this and find the answer to our questions.

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