Tuesday, June 15, 2010

List of Orkney and Shetland Islanders who once lived in Chicago, IL. USA

I have two lists of people connected to the Orkney and Shetland Islands. The first list contains 845 names. It contains all the “Orcadians and Shetlanders in Chicago, together with the descendants 14 years old or over, and also those marred to O. and S. people. 257 are Orkney born and 302 are Shetland born. 129 are adopted by marriage.” It also breaks the list down by island towns. There is no date and I do not know who sent it to me. The following is on the first page: “Terry-Sorry this took so long in the making - Jim D.”

Included with the list are some other pages. One lists all the presidents of the O. And S. Society from 1885 to 1911. Some of the names are very familiar to me like: Peter Driver; Magnus Flaws; John Sutherland; J. D. Williamson; and Wm. R. Simpson. A couple of pages gives the history of the Society.

Its probably not possible to put this list on the Internet, but if I can help anyone with their family research, please send an email.

The second list appears to be a membership list of the O. and S. Society in 1912. The list has been retyped and is quite legible.

There are five columns across the page beginning with the individuals first name, then the surname, then the address, followed by the city and country. 852 names are on this list and the majority live in Chicago with a few names from Oak Park.

I do not have the name of the person who gave me the list, but I seem to remember that he visited me at the Scottish Home, lived south of the city and was connected to Magnus Flaws. Again, if anyone needs me to look for a name, just send an email.

I have two letters in the file, one is from Jeffrey Wentz of Chicago and the other is from Suzanne J. Harper Beesley in Mt. Prospect, IL. I believe Mrs. Beesley is now deceased, and I write about her later.

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