Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lindberg pays his respects to the fallen in Flanders Field

Lindberg made his solo trip across the Atlantic in 33 1/2 hours in 1927. He arrived in Paris to a hero’s welcome on May 21. After days of being feted in Paris, he flew to Brussels where he was met by thousands and then had an audience with King Albert. It is now Saturday, May 29, 1927. In the evening, there was a banquet in his honor with 200 guests including Crown Prince Leopold. Lindberg, in his quiet manner described his flight, and spoke of himself and his plane as “we”. More ceremonies followed on Sunday and then on Monday Lindberg took off for London. But, he did not fly the most direct route, instead he took a detour and flew over Waregem military cemetery. It was now May 30, Memorial Day in the United States of America. A large crowd had gathered at the cemetery to commemorate the special day. As Lindberg flew over the cemetery, he dropped a bouquet of flowers on the graves. It was his own personal mark of respect to the fallen at Flanders Field,

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