Saturday, March 27, 2010

Small Scottish Island With One Resident and One Pub!

I don't usually blog on Saturday, but in reading through the Scottish newspaper this morning, I found this story. My Scottish friends should enjoy.

The Island of Sanda, which lies on the tip of the Mull of Kintyre, has been sold to a Swiss businessman for approximately 5 million dollars. Dick Gannon 59, along with his wife have owned the island for the past 20 years and they had their own private pub!

Mr. Gannon has been listed as the island's only resident. "Twenty years we have had Sanda and it's been the experience of a lifetime really but it's a bit like hiding away and I now want to visit a few places and do a few things. There is life outside Sanda."

(I understand a few tourists do come to visit every now and then, so the pub may have had a little other business other than Mr. & Mrs. Gannon They also own a residence in Campbbeltown.)

He said his wife would be staying on at the family home in Campbeltown but added: "I am going to move to either Devon or France."

See what 20 years on an island with one pub will do to you!

There is no indication as to what the new owner would do with Sanda. His name is Michi Meier.

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