Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Chicago churches that recieved Carnegie organs.

I have finished a search of the Chicago Daily Tribune and found only three churches in Chicago who were gifted Carnegie organs. There may be others, but these are the ones that made the newspaper and that I found. There may be others.


This German Catholic church was located at Noble and Cornell streets. It was built in 1904 and was known for its "fine architecture, wood sculptures and many unique features of eccleslastical (sic) art." Carnegie agreed to pay one-half the cost and the congregation raised the balance. The Rev. Albert Evers, rector of St. Boniface, has been active in "movements for small parks, social settlements and ward improvement clubs."

I don't know the location of the church and don't know the streets. Any of our readers know?


The date is October 1, 1907 and this congregation "is rejoicing over the installation of a new pipe organ recently purchased with the aid of Andrew Carnegie." The cost of the organ was $3,000 and Carnegie paid one-half.

I certainly know Garfield Blvd., but no other address was given. I am sure it no longer exists by that name but the building may still be standing. Anyone know?


Mrs. Margaret Deveneau of Edgewater is a niece of the now deceased Dr. Ebenezer Henderson, a resident of Dunfermiline Scotland. Mr. Carnegie's grandfather and Dr. Henderson were "warm friends" in Scotland. Mrs. Deveneau mentioned this in her letter to Carnegie and he decided to approve the request. Instead of just paying one-half, he gave the full amount.

The old doctor of Dunfermiline was a celebrated astronomer and mathematician, a fellow of the Royal Astronomical society, and lecturer in the observatory at Mount Gardens, Liverpool. He died in 1870.

"The congregation now meets in a small frame chapel on leased ground. Nearly $20,000 for a new edifice has been raised and a lot purchased at Bryn Mawr and Kenmore avenues. The women and children of the church have been conduction bazaares and entertainments to aid the building fund."

Anyone know this church?

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