Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Harley Davidson

The next History Club meeting is May 4, 2013. Our special guest will be Jean Davidson.

Jean is the granddaughter of Walter Davidson, one of the four founders and the first president of Harley-Davidson. Her father, Gordon Davidson, was Vice President of Manufacturing.

Jean began riding a Harley at the age of 12. She was the owner of the largest Harley-Davidson dealership in Wisconsin and rubbed shoulders with all the Harley and Davidson family members, famous racers, Hell’s Angels and even Evil Knievel.

She is the mother of five children and the grandmother of seven grandchildren. She has spent a number of years gathering personal family stories and old photographs to bring you a rare and exciting look into one of the most famous families in motorcycling history.

Most of all Jean is a storyteller who loves sharing the stories and experiences of her life as a Davidson through books and public speaking engagements. The adventures she has experienced, both in and out of the motorcycling industry, coupled with her enthusiastic, outgoing personality have captivated thousands of people over the years.

April Recap

The April History Club meeting was very enjoyable. David Macfarlane was most interesting and he gave us insights into the White House that most of us didn’t know. David is a Master Chef with a wide array of jobs and experiences. He talked about Scottish food, especially the haggis. We spend a lot of time making fun of haggis but maybe we should reconsider that because it was a serious food for previous generations. Talk about haggis sometimes keeps us from the more important facts of our Scottish history.

Master Chef David likes Scottish food and is making an effort to bring it to the attention of the world. He believes its basic goodness is in the water of Scotland. He was born in Scotland, raised in the United States and has tasted water from around the world. Scotland’s water is the best. The next time you go, pay special attention to the water, one of God’s special gifts to Scotland. Thanks David. We enjoyed your visit. Many of us bought copies of your book and we looking forward to having time to read “Ginger.”

The Connecticut-Copperthite Pie Company

At our History Club meeting in May last year, Michael Copperthite brought us fresh baked pies from Washington, D.C. He brought them on an airplane which was an adventure in itself. They were the best! He told us his family story and his efforts to reestablish the pie company and keep his family story alive.

Michael and I have kept in touch the entire year. He faithfully reads the Blog and keeps me informed on his family and the pie company. He has called for “A Gathering Celebration and Reunion of Family and Friends for the 125th Anniversary of the Connecticut-Copperthite Pie Baking Company in Georgetown, D. C. “ For full information visit their web site.

On the Eve of Thanksgiving 1885 Henry C. Copperthite and Johanna O’Neil Copperthite started baking pies in Georgetown and turned a profit of .90 cents. In 1888 The Connecticut-Copperthite Pie Company was incorporated and family and friends came to work for what became the largest pie baking concern on the planet. By 1918 there were in the District of Columbia alone 230 delivery wagons, 600 horses, and 15,000 employees turning out 50,000 pies a day. Washingtonians were consuming 125,000 slices of pie a day and over 14 million pies a year making them the pie capital of the planet. Henry, Johanna, and family prospered and gave back to their community and country. 2013 marks their 125th Anniversary and they are doing and participating in a host of events to honor the service and commitment of the family that still bakes the finest pies in the world has ever known. The slogan then has and always will represent who they are.

Ask for, Insist Upon, and Accept No Other!
                                                                                                          Michael C. Copperthite

Great story and my congratulations to Michael for keeping the story alive and involving family members in the history. Good example for all of us. He turns 80% of the profit over to local charities. If you would like to attend the celebration and are interested in learning how to bake pies “in your part of the world,” call Michael at 202.670.PIEO or visit the web site. Michael also has a “day job” as the Founder, President and CEO of Capital Campaigns, LLC. “A former top campaign manager and consultant to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Michael has worked on campaigns since 1968.” He has offices across the country.

John LeNoble one of the most faithful members of our History Club is taking the “Honor Flight” to Washington, D. C. this month to view the World War II Memorial. His daughter Nancy Strolle will accompany him on the trip. Congratulations!

We are in discussions with Dan Rutherford, Illinois State Treasurer, about our June meeting. He would like to be present if his calendar can be cleared.

Wayne Rethford, President Emeritus
Illinois St. Andrew’s Society

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