Thursday, April 19, 2012

“Shut Your Pie Hole”

If you have ever said “Someday I want to attend the Scottish American History Club,” let me give you a special invitation to attend May 5, 2012. May is our birthday month mostly because May 5th is my birthday, but there are others I can name: Jim Bell, Sandy Kerr and Joe Feehan for instance, and I am sure I have forgotten someone.

Our special speaker is Michael C. Copperthite, President and CEO of Capital Campaigns, Inc. based in Washington, D.C.  A former top Campaign Manager and Consultant to the Democratic Congressional Committee. Michael has worked on campaigns since 1968.  First as a volunteer for Robert Kennedy and later he served on the presidential campaign staffs of Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Richard Gephardt, and Bill Clinton and as assistant to House Speaker, Thomas P. O’Neil.  His company is a Strategic Planning, Government Relations, Marketing, and Public Relations company with experience in the national political scene for over 30 years.”

In spite of his impressive resume, Mike Copperthite is not coming to our History Club to talk politics.  Instead, he is coming to talk about his family and especially his great grandfather, Henry Copperthite. In 1885, Henry and his wife arrived in Georgetown with a wagon, horse, and $3.50. They started baking and selling pies. By 1914, Henry was producing 60,000 pies a day in Washington, D.C. It is an amazing story of hard work, ingenuity and honesty. You will hear how he gave back to his community in much the same way Scots have done for generations. The original company was sold in the 1950s.

Mike and his family are now announcing the historic return of the Connecticut Copperthite Pie Baking Company at The Taste of Georgetown on June 2, 2012. They plan to open a retail store in the fall to be called “Shut Your Pie Hole,” and will be using the world famous recipes that Henry Copperthite developed for the original company. Proceeds raised will go to the work and charities of Grace Episcopal Church and the Georgetown Business District.

You will have a chance to taste these pies at our History Club meeting on May 5. Mike is bringing pies with him from Washington. They will be warmed in the kitchen of the Scottish Home and served in Heritage Hall. You must make reservations and seating will be limited to 60 people.

Mike and I first met on the internet. He came across one of my blogs last fall and we began a series of emails and later telephone calls. He is an engaging man, with lots of energy and eager to tell his family story. Please call Kristin at 708-447-5092 to make your reservations. There is no charge.

Wayne Rethford, President
Scottish American History Club of Chicago

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