Wednesday, March 7, 2012


On Sunday some of you received an email stating that I was in London, had been robbed and needed one thousand dollars.  I was not in London as many of you know and thus had not been robbed.  My private email account had been hacked by someone.  The only thing I could do was changed my password and write this note.  Many of you responded with emails and telephone calls and I appreciate having  many friends who care about my welfare. While you are reading this let me cover a few more items.

HISTORY TOUR: Scheduled for March 31st.  The bus will leave the Scottish Home promptly at 9:30 a.m.  Our first stop will be the Auditorium Theater in Chicago where we will be given a tour of this historic building.  Many Scottish events have been held here and it continues to be a vibrant, busy theater.  The cost is $22.50 per person.  Please call Kristen at 708-447-5092  to make reservations or go directly to the ISAS store to reserve your place and pay. is the History Club web site.  In 2011, the number of people who visited this site, according to Google Analytics, was 16,717.  They viewed 29, 736 pages or almost 2 pages per visit.  Most people viewed the Name List, one would assume looking for descendants or doing research.  The Name List was built by Elaine Moore during the writing of the “Scots of Chicago.”

Most of the “hits” came from the United States (11,817) but others literally came from around the world.  From the UK - 1,712; Canada - 883; Australia - 534; India - 149; France - 100 and Brazil - 82.

On March 3, 2012, I had the privilege of conducting a memorial service for Bernita Burns Raus.  She was 101 years old and had lived at the Scottish Home for 13 years.  There are lots of words to describe Bernita.  She was happy, friendly, helpful, concerned, interested and involved.  Rather than resist her circumstances she became part of the fabric of the Home.  Her family became involved as well.  The two daughters were very faithful to their Mother and set an example for all families.

During the service we heard comments about Bernita from family members and friends.  She brought joy to a lot of people.  I retired as the Administrator of the Scottish Home on December 31, 2003 after 17 years.  Most  of the residents I have known are now gone, so I believe this was my last memorial service at the Scottish Home.  It was a nice way to end those enjoyable years.


Wayne Rethford

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