Friday, November 26, 2010

Statutes to Robert Burns in U.S. - 13 in all.

Here is the list so far:

New York City - Central Park - unveiled October 3, 1880

Albany, New York - unveiled September 30, 1888

Barre, Vermont - unveiled July 24, 1899

Denver, Colorado - unveiled July 4, 1904

Chicago, Illinois - unveiled September 26, 1906

San Francisco, California - unveiled February 22, 1908

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - unveiled June 26, 1909

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - unveiled October 27, 1914

Boston, Massachusetts - unveiled January 1, 1920

Detroit, Michigan - unveiled July 23, 1921

Cheyenne, Wyoming - unveiled December, 1921

St. Louis, Missouri - unveiled June 2, 1928

Jacksonville, Florida - unveiled 1930

Information about the statute in Jacksonville, Florida, is difficult to find. Any of our Florida readers know the history? If so, please let me know.

The statute in St. Louis, Missouri has recently been fully restored.

I also have pictures and the story of a recent memorial to Robert Burns in Houston, Texas. It does not appear to meet the definition of a statue, but is more of a memorial. However, it is very impressive and the most recent that I know about.

Does anyone have documentation that each Carnegie Library was to contain a bust of Robert Burns? Several of the libraries that I have visited in Illinois do have a bust, but some don’t.

If anyone has actual documentation please let me know.

If I am missing any city in the above list, please send an email to

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