Monday, September 20, 2010

Who Visits the Scottish-American Web site? Google Analytics provides the answer.

The Scottish-American History Club, a part of the Illinois St. Andrews Society in Chicago Illinois, maintains a web site at All of the work is a credit to Elaine Moore who donates her time. The Wayne Rethford blog can be reached from this site by pressing the blog button on the left side.

Who visits and how many is always an interesting question about web sites and blogs. Google Analytics keep track of our numbers and here are the latest results. The results can be broken down by day, week, month, or year.

For the web site,, 3,301 visits have been made since January 1, 2010. The name list had 1,291 visits, Events 341, and the History Club Newsletter 330. In total these 3,301 people read 6,679 pages.

The visits came from 66 countries, 2,400 from the United States. 324 from the United Kingdom; 143 from Canada, Australia 100, New Zealand 36, India 22 and France 13.

The Blog Site had 1,283 visits and these people read 2,337 pages. 96 came from United States, the United Kingdom had 165, Canada 36, Australia 11 and India 9. Visitors read the article about Philip Amour (85), Scottish Inventors (72), Patrick Valentine 50, and the Scottish Stone Cutters (34).

The blog has 23 followers and 239 have read the complete profile. The Blog contains 135 stories.

We have made contact with many interesting people as a result of the Web Site and Blog.

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  1. Keep up the good work. I thoroughly enjoy re-discovering Scots-Americans who come across your radar.