Thursday, July 1, 2010

The story of Donald Trump and the world's best golf course.

The story of Donald Trump and his efforts to build the "world's best golf course" drew several responses from our readers.  So, here is an update from the Bloomberg Businessweek.  They report that construction may begin tomorrow.  It is a 1.12 billion dollar project that includes the golf course, a 450-bed five star hotel, 950 short term rental aparatments and 500 homes.

The Aberdeenshire Council's local planning group has approved the project by a vote of 8-1 with only 10 written objections. Construction will take about 18 months but Trump does not have final approvals for the hotel and the apartments.

The homes of Molly Forbes and David Milne are still in doubt.  They have refused to sell and have protested the "use of compulsory purchase orders to force them to move."  The Trump people have said that no one would build a luxury hotel, overlooking "a derelict slum."  Apparently Molly Forbes and David Milne do not consider their homes as derelict slums.

The golf course is being built on some interesting sand dunes. The dunes are interesting because they are moving northward a few yards each year. Trump has said he would plant marran grass to keep the dunes from moving onto the golf course.

Stay tuned.

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