Saturday, May 29, 2010

Donald Trump Builds a Billion Dollar Golf Course in Scotland. Not Everyone is Happy!

Along the coast of Scotland, in Aberdeenshire,  Donald Trump and his investors are building what they describe as “the greatest golf course in the world.” They are presently  in the process of buying land necessary to build this golf course and its facilities. The location will include the usual facilities, clubhouses, etc. but will also have a 450 room hotel and 500 residential homes. The project is due for completion in 18 months and is expected to cost nearly 1 billion pounds.

He has decided to rename a strip of coastline that for 600 years has been known as Menie Dunes. The new name as given by Mr. Trump is “The Great Dunes of Scotland.” It goes without saying that some Scots oppose the renaming of their country by an outsider. They are hoping to obtain the signatures of thousands of people who oppose the construction.  In fact, his opponents have organized under the name of “Tripping Up Trump.” This group has purchased some land in the middle of the project and ownership is split among 12 persons. They have even set up a web site called “The Bunker.” Some are saying he should built his course "over there".

 Mr. Trump was dismissive of the protests and said “It’s a little late to trip me up.” He also described the fisherman’s house, at the heart of the controversy, as “a slum” and a “terrible-looking building.”  The opposition refers to Donald Trump as a "New York Clown."

Visit Scotland supports the project of course, but I hope Mr. Trump understands the nature of Scots when their land is threatened.  Sometimes money doesn't buy everything, but I presume the locals are destined to lose.  I wonder if they have "imminent domain" in Scotland?

Stay tuned.


  1. Eleanor M. GardenhireMay 29, 2010 at 7:09 AM

    I heard on the news that Donald Trump claims a Scottish connection through his mother, who is a McLeod... i can tell him that my Scottish American father, John E. McLeod, and my Scottish born Grandfather, John Cameron McLeod, are turning over in their graves at the very idea that a McLeod connection is trying to force another person off their own property... it is a shame and a scandal!

  2. Donald Trump claims his Scottish heritage through his Mother, who was born in Stonoway on the Isle of Lewis. Exept for Tartan Day, I am not sure he promotes anything Scottish in America. Does anyone know if he is a member of any Society or Clan?

  3. Trump may have a Scottish ancestor (who doesn't!) but he clearly knows nothing of Scottish culture. He should study two genuinely great Scots - Robert Burns, the egalitarian who, if he was still with us, would tear Trump apart with brilliant satire and wit. And John Muir, who would attack him for destroying a nationally designated part of our natural heritage. And as for the politicians who backed this? Don't me get me started! Finally, you'd think with all that money, Trump could at least get a decent wig!

    Bonnie (despite Trump) Scotland

  4. PS. Yes we do have eminent domain in Scotland except it's called compulsory purchase. Same thing though.