Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Internet Facts About Scotland

Willie Nelson will be in Scotland June 7, 8 and 9, 2010. Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh. He will also be in Joliet, Illinois, in October. Advertised lowest price $175 per person. Guess I won't be going.

By volume, Loch Ness, is the largest body of fresh water in the United Kingdom, containing more water than all the lakes of England and Wales put together.

Edinburgh has at lest 28 golf courses within the city limits.

In the 18th century, Glasgow became the world's first industrial city.

Fortingall in Perthshire claims to be the birthplace of Pontius Pilate.

Glasgow has the largest area of urban parkland in Europe.

The world's first coal mines were begun in the Forth Valley during the 12th century.

The largest bookshop in Scotland is James Thin in Edinburgh.

Oil was first extracted from shale in Scotland 200 years ago, making Scotland the world's first petroleum producer.

Stan Laurel began his comedy career in Glasgow, 1906.

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